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Springtime Safety Tips for Pets

Has the wind almost blown you over yet? Snowing one day, then sunny and 70 degree’s the next day, yup it is Spring in New Mexico. I don’t know about you but I love seeing the little green buds popping up on the Elm trees and all the Cherry Trees blossoming. I am also getting my house and yard ready for the new season, but as I am doing this I have to make sure to stand guard against things that might unintentionally be a hazard for my pets.

Flowers and Plants

With Easter right around the corner, Easter Lilies are one of the most popular seasonal flower, but these are highly toxic to your cats and dogs. Make sure that you keep them out of reach of your pets, or just ask people to give you something else.

As you start getting your garden ready for new growth, it might be a good time to do an inventory of your plants and replace any that might be toxic to your pet. If you are unsure what is safe for your garden, take a look at this list of poisonous plants.


Screen Doors

That wind that knocks over your fence is also sometimes just a nice breeze. On beautiful warm Spring days, it is tempting to open up all the windows and doors. If you do, make sure that you keep the screens shut. Your pets are just as excited as you are to get outside and it is easy for them to accidentally get our of your yard. If you do let them out, make sure your yard is safe and can contain them. Also, make sure they get their microchip, so if they do get separated from you, it is easy to return them home.

Dogs in Cars

With the gorgeous weather you might be more tempted to bring your dog with you on short trips. Always keep them buckled up in the car. You can get special dog seat belts or harnesses to keep them safe in the car when driving. A lot of injuries happen to dogs due to not being buckled in and the car making sudden tops or turns. Also, do not let them hang their head out the window. Though it is really fun for them, their ears can get injured very easily from the wind or from bugs flying through the air.


Many of us go into a spring cleaning frenzy! Time to dust all the cobwebs, and clean the windows. But not all cleaners are safe for your pets, even ones that say “pet safe” can make your dog ill if ingested. It is best to use more natural cleaners, but also keep your pets out of the areas your are cleaning. If your pet gets ill from a cleaner, call poison control immediately, 888-426-44535. Do not induce vomiting as that can make things worse.


Enjoy this amazing weather!