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aggressive dog behavior new mexico

Stop Your Dog From Being Aggressive – HOW TO Part 1

aggressive dog behavior new mexicoPart 1: Staying Safe to Stop Aggression

There are many reasons dog’s behave aggressively from frustration to fear or territoriality. No one likes to think that their dog is aggressive but it is a very common problem. One of the most common causes of aggression is a lack of proper socialization when they are a puppy. When a puppy is not properly socialized they will run away and try to hide behind their mother. If an adult dog is fearful, and they cannot run away, they become aggressive. This is the classic fight or flight response.  There are many things you can do to help stop your dogs aggression. Keep in mind that behavioral training takes time and consistency, so be patient.

  1. A Secure Fence: It is crucial to have an escape proof fence for any dog. A fence that can be escaped is dangerous and puts your dog at risk for going missing. Make sure to microchip your Albuquerque dog so if they go missing they can be returned to you easily. But if your dog is aggressive that hole in your fence can give your dog access to people passing by.
  2. Strong Leash: It is not uncommon for an aggressive dog to get away from their owner because of faulty equipment. Make sure you have a strong leash and collar. We recommend using a harness instead of neck collar. The harness will give you better control over your dog and is less like to cause any throat damage if they are lunging and you are trying to hold them back.  There are other dog collar options, like the ones with prong pointing into the dogs neck. These sound dangerous or highly aggressive but are often best for very large dogs that are able to physically over power their owner. They are also good for dogs with very heavy coats, as often they are not able to really feel other collars as well.
  3. Muzzle: If your dog tries to bite, nip, or aggressively growl, then consider using a muzzle. You can get ones with a basket design so they can still drink, pant, eat treats and sniff things. The muzzle will keep your dog from being able to bite or nip anyone, and if he does growl will make the person he is growling at feel safer knowing he cannot bite them. Many dogs that are not aggressive will still wear muzzles just as a precaution when they are out in public so they don’t get to excited and nip any children or people and dogs passing by.

If you have any questions about how to help stop your dog’s aggressive behavior, feel free to ask your Albuquerque Vet at Vetco.