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The New First Dog is a Shelter Dog

For us, the most exciting thing about the Whitehouse is what pet does the President have. We love to see the wonderful cats and dogs that live in our great capital. I mean WOW! What a yard they have to play in! We are really excited to have Major, President Biden’s German Shepherd in the Whitehouse. He is the first shelter dog to ever live in the Whitehouse! Sing it with me, moving on up to the east side! They even had an “indoguration” ceremony that raised money for the Delaware Humane Association.

“Anytime a public figure adopts, it’s a wonderful thing,” said Kelly Bauer, executive director at the Center for Animal Health & Welfare in Williams Township. “There’s an idea that you can only adopt mutts, or pit bulls, or old cats. But we get them all — there are way too many animals that need homes, and we shouldn’t be buying dogs or breeding them when there are plenty to go around.

Another great about Major is that he is bringing attention to adopting shelter dogs. There are a lot of myths about shelter dogs.

Shelter Dog Myths

  • All shelter dogs are mutts.
  • Shelter dogs are old
  • Shelter dogs are abused
  • They are in the shelter because they are too aggressive
  • Older shelter pets won’t bond with a new family

Shelter dogs make great pets and are in need of good family homes. Because of Covid-19, a lot of the shelters are requiring an appointment to come and see their dogs. But that just means that you get some good one on one time with your potential newest furry family member.

When you get a shelter pet they will already be spayed or neutered and will be up to date on their vaccines. We do recommend that you bring them into your Albuquerque Vet Clinic, Vetco, to have them checked out by our vet. That way you can get a complete full clean bill of health. When you come in you can also get your new dog microchipped, which is required by the city.

A big welcome to our new First Dog, Major! Enjoy that lawn.