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The Right Pet Enclosure Will Ensure Your Pet’s Health And Happiness

Pets that are kept for long periods in the wrong type of enclosure will exhibit symptoms of undue stress. If your pet becomes stressed, he will be prone to other complications in the long term. This is especially common in amphibians, reptiles and mammals since they are very sensitive to their environments. An inadequate pet enclosure will not give your pet sufficient room to move around.

Your first goal with a pet enclosure is to create a place that represents its natural habitat as much as possible. Reptilian cages will need to have accompanying accessories like branches and pools, so the animal feels as safe and secure as possible. The cage itself will need to maintain a constant temperature, since reptiles need this in order to keep their body temperatures regulated. The wrong temperature could lead to trauma and death because your pet won’t be able to carry out the processes that are essential to his survival.

Apart from stress, the health of your pet could be compromised if he is housed in the wrong home. Long periods of stress would be the cause of complications to the animal’s health. Respiratory infections, immobility and eating disorders are just some complications that can develop. As the caretaker your task is to ensure that you choose the right sized housing, and give your pet all he needs for survival. The cage will also need to be kept clean in order to maintain your pet’s health. Cleaning will be an easy task if you choose the right cage.

Your pet might also develop disturbing behavior as a result of being housed in a poor quality enclosure. Aggressive behavior, self-mutilation, chewing on the walls of the cage and pulling out feathers are all signs that your pet might exhibit. When this happens consider getting a new cage and the behavior might stop. It is something that you’ll need to give serious attention to, since your pet could harm himself or others around him. Some species of reptiles are known to inflict serious injuries when they are unhappy.

Animals need sufficient room to move about within their enclosures. This is even more important if it is not possible to take the animal out of the cage for exercise. In the wild, they can hunt, climb, forage, dig or run about as much as they want, so it you your job to give them room to mimic what comes naturally to them. Lack of activity could be just as bad for pets as it is for humans.

As a caretaker you need to make a commitment to your pet’s health. In doing so you’ll save yourself countless trips to the vet, and you’ll have a happy and healthy pet.

You can consult your vet to help determine the right size enclosure.  As always, make sure your pet is up to date with their shots and get them a well animal exam to help promote overall health. Call today to make an appointment!

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