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Time for Flea and Tick Treatments

This past week was the official start of spring. The trees are blooming. The flowers are budding. The tumbleweeds are migrating. Now that the world is waking up again, so are the fleas. In New Mexico, we technically have fleas year round. Most parts of our state do not get cold enough to put fleas into full dormancy. But spring you start seeing them with much more frequency. I am not saying that are all over that sand pile your dog is rolling in, but you might give yourself the willies if you look too close.

The spring is the perfect time to start your flea protection

The best treatment is good prevention, because once you have a flea infestation, it takes a lot more work to get rid of them.  See our tips on how to get rid of fleas. Thankfully Flea and Tick prevention is very easy. You pickup some Frontline Flea and Tick treatment, squeeze the treatment onto the nape of their neck, and you are done!

As a pet owner you have the option of a variety of different flea and tick controls. There are powders, collars, and of course the Frontline neck treatment. We recommend the Frontline treatment because it is extremely effective, if your pet licks it after you apply it, it will not make them sick, and it is very easy to apply. If you have questions about why Frontline is better than other flea control options, please ask your Albuquerque veterinarian. Come by Vetco and pick up your flea and tick treatment today.