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Time To Spay and Neuter Albuquerque!

low cost spay neuter albuquerqueAlbuquerque has a huge wild pet population. This is primarily due to pets not being spayed and neutered and being abandoned. Bob Barker had it right when he told everyone on The Price is Right to spay and neuter your pets. It is better for your pet and better for the animal community. Unless you are a breeder, you do not need to keep your pet unaltered. If you are thinking of having puppies, why not consider adopting someone else’s? It is best to get your pet altered by about 6 months old. If you are unsure about the age of your pet or when is the best time for spay or neuter, please call Vetco and we can help you.

Spay male puppies can help with problems like: mounting, marking their territory, dominance, aggression, and roaming.

Did you know that allowing your puppy to go into heat for even one cycle increases their risk of breast cancer from 0 to 8%, and if they go into their second cycle it is increased to 25%. Neutering your female puppy can literally save their life.

Altering your pet (in other words getting them spayed or neutered, or “fixed”) does not cause weight gain. This is a common myth. It reduces their metabolism by 30%, so this needs to be taken into consideration when determining their diet.

Altering your pets will not cause them to have a different personality. Your pets personality is not determined by their sex hormones. It is determined by their genetics and environment. However, altering your dog can positively affect some behavior and dogs can be more affectionate an less likely to run away, bite, or be aggressive.

The biggest deterrent to spaying and neutering pets is cost. Vetco in Albuquerque prides ourself on having low cost spay and neuters. You can even get some extra savings by checking out our promotions where we often offer added discounts on surgery.