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Tips for Good Adult Cat Nutrition

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Figuring out what kind of diet to feed your cat can be challenging. It always seemed so simple back in the day when we just gave them some dry food we found in the grocery store. As we have learned more about nutrition we now understand that feline nutrition needs to be thoughtful.


Things you want to keep in mind about nutrition is how active are they? Do they have any underlying medical conditions? Are they overweights? Is their diet balanced?


  • A normal active cat that plays and runs around should be on a “maintenance” diet. If your cat is really lazy and mostly lays around then they will want to be on food that is 10% less than a typical maintenance diet. If you have a really hyper cat that plays all day you may want to have a maintenance food that is 20-40% above maintenance level.
  • Your cat needs a meat-based diet. Unlike dogs, cats are mostly carnivorous and food with lots of non-meat fillers is not good for their energy or their overall nutrition.
  • If your cat goes outside in cold weather, you may want to adjust the amount of food you give them according to the weather. In cold weather they need more energy to stay warm, so you may want to increase the amount of food they get.
  • It is best to give them a mix of dry and wet food. Cats get most of their water from the food that they eat and we food is essential for providing that water.
  • Some diets need to take into consideration your cat’s breed. For instance, Bengal cats do better on a raw food diet than the common household mutt cat.
  • Not all wet foods are the same. You want to look at the ingredients of your wet food. Cats need nutrition from meat and from fish. You may want to mix up the kinds of food you are giving so you are making sure they also get fish in their diet.
  • Higher-quality cat food tends to have more nutrition and less filler. You want to make sure that the food is nutritionally balanced. A lot of food will say it is nutritionally balanced on the label.

You can tell if your cat has a good diet by their behavior and body. A cat with good nutrition will have good steady energy. They will have a shiny coat and eyes. They will be at a good weight and able to move with ease.


A great way to ensure you are giving your cat the proper food is to consult with your Albuquerque vet about what kind of diet you should give your cat. Your vet can help you construct a diet that is customized to your cat’s specific dietary needs.