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Tips on Keeping you Pets Safe while In The Garage During Summer

keeping your dog in a garageKeeping pets in the garage is not typically thought of as a responsible thing to do and we don’t recommend it. In the summertime, this is especially true. Keeping your pets in the garage during the heat of the summer in desperate conditions is animal cruelty. However, there are times when we can’t keep them in the house and it is too hot, or not suitable, to stay outside. Before putting them in the garage, you should consider short term boarding. But, if you have to keep your dog in the garage you need to make sure they are safe.

There are ways in which you can make your garage animal friendly and a comfortable place for animals during the heat of the summer. In most case, to do this effectively you need to remake most, if not all of your garage. If you want to get your pet out of the house in the summertime, but don’t or can’t leave it outdoors, keeping it in the garage can be a good solution with the right preparation. Making your garage suitable for an animal will require a lot of work and a transformation into an animal living space.

If you don’t use your garage for much and feel that it is a lot of wasted space, converting it into a living area for your pets may be a good way to repurpose the space. The first step in doing this is to clear the garage of any harmful chemicals and substances that an animal would find and ingest. If your garage is full of chemicals and scattered with dangerous tools and substances, you might want to rethink keeping your animals there. If your garage, however, is reasonably well kept, doing some renovation and reorganizing may be all you need to make it pet friendly.

Always make sure the garage is well ventilated. Garages in general are stuffy, dirty, dusty places that can be death traps for animals and humans. Your pets need plenty of fresh air, so opening up the garage to air circulation is essential. Open windows or add windows to the structure. This also brightens up the garage. Your pets need sunlight as well, so consider putting in a couple extra windows on various sides of the garage for better lighting. Since you probably don’t want to give your pets free reign of the entire garage, you will need to construct a space for them. Allocate a portion of the garage away from anything they could get into and cordon off the area. At this point, the pets you’re keeping here are most likely going to be dogs, so for the sake of simplicity, assume that dogs are the ‘pets’. Putting in or building a dog pen is the best way to keep a dog in the garage. Make sure the gates are high enough that they can’t jump over and that the latch is secure.

Ideally, place the pen near a window so your dog gets plenty of fresh air and sunlight. If your garage is big enough and you want to allocate a sizeable portion of it to your pet, build a perimeter in the garage to give your dog room to run around. Having a dedicated area where your pet can move around freely without concerns about destroying things is a great relief when you’re away during the day. Keeping your pets in the garage can be perfect for this. Always put the pet’s cage or house within the pen with toys and water. As long as there is good ventilation in a clean, safe place, a garage is usually a fine place to keep your pet when you’re away. During the summer, you may consider running a fan to keep the air circulating and cool. Dogs can easily become overheated and a garage can be a stuffy, hot place, so make sure you have a means to keep your pet cool and comfortable.

The New Mexico heat can be a killer! Make sure you put a thermometer in your garage so you know how hot it is. If you are going to keep your pet in there regularly, you should consider regulating the temperature with an evaporative cooler or window AC unit. Sometimes a fan is not enough to keep your garage cool. So make sure you know hot hot it gets in there before you leave you dog all day.

If your dog has any signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion, make sure to call your vet immediately! Its not just our green chile that is hot!

By +Ben Vaughn

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