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Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Pet HalloweenIts everyones favorite holiday! Happy Halloween! Time to dress up as something spooky and go trick-or-treating! But during all the festivities, make sure that you are having fun with your pet and keeping them safe.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe on Halloween

  1. No treats for you pooch – well chocolate treats. Candies and chocolate can be very dangerous for your dog. So if you want to give treats to the dogs trick or treating at your door, get some dog treats and keep the kid treats for the kids.
  2. Pumpkins are non-toxic but if your dog attacks your jack-o-lantern and eats it, his stomach might be upset.
  3. Jack-O-Lantern’s usually have candles in them. In all the excitement, keep your pumpkin out of reach of your dog so he doesn’t knock it over and start a fire.
  4. Costumes! If your dog likes to dress up then have a blast with matching costumes. Otherwise, let your dog go naked. Often times costumes can cause a lot of anxiety for your pup. Better to leave them naked and happy.However, if you do put them in a costume, make sure it is one that is safe for animals.
  5. ID your dog! There is a lot of neighborhood activity on Halloween and that can get dogs really excited. With all the kids, cars and costumes, it can be easy for your excited pup to get disoriented. Make sure they have on their dog tags, so if they get out and get lost, they can be returned home quickly.

If you think your pet ate something toxic, call the ASPCA poison control center at 888-426-4435 and call your vet.

Remember in Albuquerque it can get a little chilly in late October. So make sure you and your dog are wearing warm clothes when  you go out trick-or-treating!