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Top Cleaning Mistakes Many Pet Owners Make

Keeping your pets safe during spring cleaningHere are the top cleaning mistakes most pet owners make.

  1. You don’t clean the food bowl daily.
    You wash your plate after every meal, you should do the same for your pets. Food bowls are prime for bacteria which can make your pet sick.
  2.  You don’t clean the food storage monthly.
    You should clean your food storage bin about one a month, if not a little more frequently.
  3. You don’t clean the water bowl daily.
    You don’t drink out of dirty glasses and neither should your pet. You should clean their water bowl daily.
  4. You don’t clean the water fountain monthly.
    Just because it is a closed system does not mean it doesn’t get dirty. You should take it apart and clean it monthly.
  5. You don’t clean their crate weekly.
    This is a great place for parasites to live. Clean your crate or carrier weekly and your pet will be healthier and more comfortable.
  6. You don’t clean the litter box enough.
    Many people slack on litter box maintenance. You should be cleaning this out twice a day!
  7. You don’t launder your pet’s bedding.
    You do your bedsheets weekly, you should do the same for your pets.
  8. You have never washed your pet toys.
    Rubber ones should be washed and plus ones can be thrown into the laundry. Just let them air dry.

These regular cleaning rituals will help keep your pets happier and healthier!