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valentines pet safety

Valentines Day: Romantic and Dangerous

valentines pet safetyValentines Day: Romantic and Dangerous

Valentines day is the national holiday for lovers. It is romantic and filled with chocolate and flowers and stuffed bears. However, it can be dangerous to your pet. Make sure you know how to keep your pet safe and keep your night romantic with your date and not your vet.

Dangers of Valentines Day

  • Chocolate! – Chocolate is poisonous to your dog! They love it and you cannot give it to them. If your dog gets into that box of chocolates, it can make him very sick.
  • Lilies- These are beautiful flowers that are common alternative to roses. However, if your cat eats them it can cause acute kidney failure within a day.
  • Roses – Not all roses are de-thorned. If your pet eats a stem with thorns it can cause damage to their esophagus, stomach and intestines.
  • Xylitol – This is commonly used as a sugar alternative in candies and gum. However, it can cause liver failure.

If you are worried that your pet has eaten one of your Valentines gifts, call your vet immediately.