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Vet Care During Covid-19

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Thought 2020 is over and 2021 has us filled with hope, we are not through the woods yet. It is good to see our health care professionals receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. It is good to see our numbers dropping. But despite that good news we have to continue to be vigilant. Some people have asked us if Veterinarians are getting early access to the vaccine? The answer to that is no. Though we are health care workers, we are animal health care and not people health care so we are not on the front line. Thankfully we are considered an essential business and are able to continue to serve our patients.

At our Albuquerque veterinary clinic and our Los Lunas veterinary clinic we are continuing to be careful and follow all health protocols. This means that all humans in the building must wear masks. We will not allow anyone in the clinic without a mask. We must continue to limit the number of people who are in the clinic. We will only allow one human to accompany pets in the clinic. We recommend that if you are needing non-urgent vaccinations to wait until conditions across the state improve. We are doing everything we can to keep our staff and customers safe, but staying home is the safest option. If you are not sure what services we are offering during the pandemic, please call us at 505-292-3030 and inquire as this is changing according to the state threat levels. If you are wondering about our hours of operation or if we are open during the pandemic, as this can change, we are posting this on our home page of the website and on our hours and locations page. We are also sharing this on Facebook and Twitter.

We want all of our staff and our customers to stay safe and healthy during these tough times.