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Vetco is Hiring!

20555630_sVetco is Hiring!

Vetco is hiring a Veterinary Assistant for our Albuquerque Clinic. We need someone who is responsible, reliable, loves animals and is bilingual (Spanish/English).

You must be bilingual in Spanish and English to qualify for the job. You do not need to have prior experience or be certified in anything.

Your responsibilities include:

    • Answering Phones
    • Making appointments
    • Assisting the vet during exams
    • Assisting with animals
    • Translating for patients

Vetco is an amazing place to work. We have a dedicated and caring team. We have some great perks, besides getting to hang out with a lot of puppies!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in working Vetco call us at 505-292-3030 or come by the Albuquerque clinic to apply.