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Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit this Spring

Image by Stephen Marc from Pixabay

We all know staying in shape is important. Being in shape helps you have a longer lifespan with fewer health issues.  The same goes for your dog. All throughout your dog’s life they need exercise just like you.  Keeping your dog fit will help their physical and mental health and help them to live a long and happy life with you. Let’s look at some ways you can help keep your dog fit as they age.


Walking is a great way to keep your dog in shape.  A daily walk is good for both of you. How far you walk will depend on you and your dog. Extreme weather can influence your walking. It is still cold in the mornings so you may want to check the temperature outside. If it is below 40 degrees you may want to put a coat on your dog or proper footwear to keep the pads of their feet from getting frostbite. If the weather is already feeling too hot during the day maybe you can walk after sundown when the temperature drops or take a short walk.


Swimming. Can you believe that some people are opening their pool already? Most dogs seem to enjoy the water. They can enjoy a good swim in the river or your backyard pool.  Make sure you know the area and that there are not any submerged rocks or logs that your dog could injure themselves on. There are also canine pools available in some areas for you to take your dog to.


Some other things to try are stretching with your dog. Games like tug of war will get them some exercise. Dog agility coursework can also help to keep Fido fit.  There are many ways to help your dog stay strong and healthy throughout their life span and most activities can be modified to accommodate an older senior dog as well. If you are having trouble choosing some activities try a few different ones and see what your dog enjoys the most.


Before taking your dog out make sure they have their annual vaccine. You may want to consider the rattlesnake vaccine if you are going to take him on hikes. Come into our walk-in shot clinics to get him all up to date.