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Wet or Dry Cat food

Cat health eatingIt is the age old question, should I feed wet or dry cat food?  Ok, maybe it is not age old. But it is a big one for cat owners.  Let’s look at the differences between wet and dry food.

Dry Food

  • tends to have more protein (depending on the quality of food)
  • less fat
  • less expensive
  • doesn’t spoil as fast (so you can leave it out)
  • less moisture (aka. dry)
  • slightly better at preventing dental disease

Wet Food

  • higher fat content
  • can be high in protein (depending on the quality of the food)
  • more expensive
  • spoils quickly
  • very wet, so can be easier to chew
  • less energy dense than dry food

Often times cats who are strictly fed wet food are fatter than ones that are fed dry. It is often used as a weight gaining tool for older cats.  Most of the time it is recommended to give your cat dry food, you can add water to it to make a gravy and soften it up. However, if your cat has sensitive teeth, gum issues, low weight, or digestive trouble then wet food may be a better option. Many people will give both wet and dry food. The most important part is that you are giving your cat the proper serving size and high-quality food.

If you are not sure what food you should be feeding your cat, ask your Albuquerque Vetco Veterinarian and we would be happy to assist.