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What Does Skin and Fur Say About My Pet’s Health

new puppy albuquerqueDid you know that your pet’s fur could tell you a lot about your pet’s health?

Generally speaking, healthy skin and a shiny coat is a sign of good overall health.

Here are some things to look for on your pet’s skin or fur:

  • Scratching: Excessive scratching is most often due to an allergy, infection or skin parasite. These are usually easily treatable by your Albuquerque veterinarian or by regular home treatments like Frontline Flea and Tick.
  • Crusting or splitting of the footpads: This can indicate an internal disease. It can also indicate that your dog has liver or pancreas disease.
  • Bald spots: This is most commonly caused by allergies. Skin irritation due to allergies, fleas or some form of contact dermatitis causes your pet to lick and scratch that area. This leads to their hair falling out.
  • Poor Coat: If your dog’s coat is lacking its luster, is dry and brittle or patchy, this can be caused by poor diet, hypothyroidism or diabetes.

Any time you see your pet with really dry skin, red dots, patches of hair missing, excessive scratching, really dry coat, hair falling out, you need to take them to the vet.  Their hair is a great way to gauge their overall health. A healthy coat means a healthy pet. If their fur is not healthy, get to the vet and find out what is going on.