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albuquerque cat nail biting

Why Do Cats Drool?

albuquerque cat nail bitingJust because cats don’t drool as much as dogs doesn’t mean they don’t drool. Most cat lovers have encountered a cat that drools and sometimes this can lead us to ask, why?

Most of the time if a cat is drooling it means there is something wrong. It often indicates a medical problem such as:

  • Dental disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Exposure to toxins or poison
  • Trauma
  • Choking or swallowing a foreign body
  • Cancer

Sometimes cats will drool when they are happy and relaxed. Their mouth relaxes and therefore some drool escapes. But this is not very common.  Drool in dogs is normal. Drool in cats is not. If your cat starts drooling, call your Albuquerque veterinarian immediately.