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why dogs bark

Why do Dogs Bark?

why dogs barkWhy do Dogs Bark?

All dogs bark. It is unreasonable to expect that your dog will never bark. That would be like asking yourself to stop talking, ever. However, barking and excessive barking are two different issues.

Reasons why dogs bark:

  • Communication: Barking for dogs is like talking for people. It one of the ways they communicate.
  • Territory: If an unknown person or animal comes into your dogs territory, they will bark as a way to alert you and to tell the intruder to go away.
  • Fear: If your dog hears a noise that frightens them, or see’s something that startles them, they are likely to bark.
  • Boredom: Dogs don’t like to be left alone. They are pack animals and if they become bored or unhappy they will often bark out of boredom.
  • Saying hi: Barking is a way to greet people and other animals. You can tell a greeting from being protective by the tail wagging. A happy dog wags his tail.
  • Attention: If a dog wants something, like going outside, a treat, playing or just some attention, they will often bark as a way to let you know.
  • Anxiety: It is not uncommon for your dog to have anxiety when left alone. Barking can be used as a coping mechanism for their anxiety, this is often paired with destructive behavior, depression, and pacing.

Anxiety and boredom are two of the top causes of excessive barking. Read this blog about dealing with pet anxiety and bored pets.