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Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose Part 1

Cats are so fun and cute but sometimes they exhibit some behaviors that humans consider strange. If you are ever worried about your cats behavior and think it may be a health issue, please call your local vet. Though we are a well animal clinic, if you are visiting out shot clinic, feel free to ask our vet a question about your cats behavior. While strange to use these can be very normal things for your cat to do. So, let’s look at one of these behaviors that seem odd to us humans. Has your cat every licked your nose? Are you thinking why in the world would my cat do that? Humans after all are not supposed to have a wet nose. There are several reasons your cat may decide to lick your nose.

  1. They are marking you as their territory. This may sound odd, but it is true. Your cat thinks that you are part of their territory and so wants to mark you as part of it. Bossy it may be, but this is part of how cats work. If you cat has not done this previously and you bring a new pet into the house it could be because they are insecure in their position.
  2. Social Bonding. Your cat is bonding with you and that is good. Cats will groom each other as part of their social structure and bonding experience. Your cat considers you to be a part of their social group and is bonding with you.
  3. They feel safe. This is a huge compliment to you. While cats will groom one another they will not lick faces of those that they do not feel completely safe with. If you cat is licking you face, chances are they feel safe and secure with you. Be happy that you are in your kitties chosen circle.
  4. To stroke you back. This is a thank you for stroking them. When you stroke your cat, it feels good to them. They want to return the favor by stroking you back. This is a friendly gesture from your cat, and they don’t realize their tongue is rough because it feels perfectly normal to them.

Join us in a couple of days for the second part of this series.