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Xylitol is in Peanut Butter? WHAT!

Xylitol in Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a great treat for your dog. Not only is it healthy but your pup will love it.  We post a lot of dog food recipes that include peanut butter in the ingredients. However, not all healthy peanut butter is actually healthy. Many so-called healthy peanut butters are putting xylitol into their peanut butter as a sweetener to reduce the amount of sugar in it. While this might not be a problem for people, xylitol is toxic for dogs.

Depending on the amount of xylitol ingested your dog can get anything from mild hypoglycemia to liver failure. A lot of people use peanut butter as a way to get their dogs to ingest pills, or as a treat. But if you are not careful you could be causing more damage than good. Xylitol poisoning is on the rise.

Peanut butter’s do not mark their food as pet safe, though some companies will make a note on their website. When you are shopping for peanut butter, make sure you check the ingredients list and remember that just because it is organic doesn’t mean it won’t have xylitol. A lot of grocery stores are letting you grind your own peanut butter now. The great thing about doing that is you know the only ingredient is peanuts. If you are unsure, bring the jar into Vetco on Menaul and we will look at the ingredients to let you know if it is pet safe.

If you think your pet has xylitol poisoning, call your vet immediately.